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Our online sales concept
Dear visitors, collectors and friends,

Our opinion, even recently, was that the buying and selling of works of art could not do without a well-established individual relationship based on trust. We therefore decided not to present the works of art we are looking for all over the world to an audience who did not know us personally, who would never have looked closely at the shop windows we have been passionately looking after for more than twenty-five years.
However, the world has changed in recent years and so have the choices of collectors. Easy access to increasingly immediate technologies has made this evolution possible, which represents for us a new path that will not, of course, erase older traditions. We will therefore continue to welcome you with pleasure in the ancient gallery of Via Mercanti 3 in Turin and we hope that all those who get to know us from now on will soon be happy to be our guests, wherever in the world they read us from. We hope that through this new means we will be able to create wonderful personal relationships, similar to those that have been built up over these many years, and we hope that, even in this area, nothing will be lost and nothing will become scarce.

All the works we propose are original and are accompanied by a photographic expertise established by the gallery.
For unique pieces, a guarantee is issued by the archive concerned, when it exists.

Prices are inclusive of all taxes and do not include frames, unless otherwise specified. As far as frames are concerned, if you are interested, it will be our pleasure and duty to accompany you in the choice and to realize for you, in our workshop, what has been agreed upon.
A presto!
Emanuele Cardellino
Galleria d’Arte Antica e Moderna L’Estampe, a Torino dal 1994
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